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How to Upgrade Your 80’s Bathroom on a Budget?

Having a traditional bathroom is great as long as your family size is small and your requirements are limited. However, rapid technological advancements and urban lifestyle requirements have made people switch to contemporary bathroom upgrades that can accommodate their ever-growing needs and, at the same time, add value to their homes. Although 80’s bathrooms carry a nostalgic feel and are a style statement on their own, however, they can’t match up to the bespoke needs of people and thus, an upgrade is necessary for enhanced functionality.

If you want to give a quick visual boost to your old bathroom on a budget, you should give an end-to-end read to this blog.

Work on Walls

If your bathroom wallpapers are peeling or have lost their gleam, you may consider replacing worn out wallpapers with patterned or geometric styles for an instant boost. Alternatively, you may scrape it off and apply fresh coats of paint by renovators specialising in remodelling small bathrooms in Melbourne if you are willing for a complete transformation. Remove loose wallpapers carefully and prepare your walls before applying fresh coats, as this can help you get flawless results.

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Replace Pastel Tubs with Freestanding Baths

Vintage pastel tubs are out of trend now and if you are looking for contemporary upgrades, installing a freestanding bath is ideal to give a new life to your outdated space. Whereas vintage baths give recurring errands of leaking, modern baths eliminate the cramped feel and enhance functionality. You can improve the sophistication of your tub with stylish faucets and surround your bath with abstract artworks for ultimate sophistication during bathroom renovations services in Melbourne.

Install Venetian Mirrors

Plate glass mirrors feature the most archaic look and if you are done with them, you can ask bathroom renovators to replace them with Venetian mirror. Once they are removed, sand and primer the barren walls before hanging Venetian mirrors to add character and depth to your space. Alternatively, you may surround your existing mirrors with decorative moulding for an urban look and feel.

Replace Outdated Marble Countertops

Are the outdated cultured marble countertops becoming an eyesore? If they no longer deserve a place in your bathroom, switch to sleeker and stylish vanity options for added luxe. Choose materials that can be easily customised according to your bespoke needs. To achieve high-end results, you can discuss your exact requirements with specialists offering professional bathroom renovations in Balwyn North and fit your desired fixtures to accommodate your ever-growing needs.

Install Hookless Curtains

Shower enclosures with corroded frames or glass doors can flood your bathroom and if you neglect changing now, be prepared to spend hefty amounts for waterproofing in future. Whereas glass shower enclosures can be expensive and tedious to replace, hookless curtains in solid or printed patterns can be affordable to install. You must ensure they aren’t left open; otherwise, they may widen the space.

Upgrade Toilet Seats

Padded toilets can be a memory of your grandfather’s house instead of being a focal point of your bathroom. It would be ideal to upgrade them with elongated seats with ceramic or brush-nickel hinges to accommodate urban lifestyle requirements. Toilet seats with lift-off hinges are easy to install and offer ease of cleaning, besides improving functionality and accessibility.

These inspiring bathroom makeover tips can transform your vintage bathroom into a contemporary space and add value to your home. At ADIGA Building Services, we have a wealth of expertise in modern bathroom renovations and offer functional upgrades that can amplify your space, at the same time, enhance functionality. Discuss your needs with our bathroom consultants and give a quick visual boost to your space.