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home extension, renovations & Landscaping Services

ADIGA Building Services takes every work seriously and with professional care to finish with quality and to your budget.

We employ an honest and down to earth business attitude and keen to work with you on your building projects.

Talk to us about your intended project and we’ll listen to you and put your ideas into motion.

Our master builder who will supervise, work and oversee the whole project will ensure all concreting, painting, plumbing, electrical works and other important works are expertly completed with quality workmanship to Australian standards. We will ensure to produce the best results in every project we undertake.  We will go after the best material from leading suppliers to fulfil our projects.

Talk to the ADIGA Building Services representative today about your home building project. We will listen and analyse your project needs and come up with a roadmap toward the completion of your project.

Home Building Services

House Renovations

It is very rewarding when it comes to improving the look and value of your own home. Expect the best home extension & renovation services from ADIGA Building Services. [continue ...]

House Extensions

Building an additional room can be the best investment you can make for your home or office. It adds more space for living and carrying out other activities. [continue ...]


Employing professional work is the best way to waterproof the premises and prevent any future problems from developing. At ADIGA Building Services we specialise in many different kinds of waterproofing works. [read more ...]

Landscaping Services

Landscaping covers a wide area of beautifying surrounding property thereby making it more useful and functional for the family to enjoy. [read more ...]

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the home's renovations list. It is one of the most used and is a high traffic area when it comes to cleaning oneself. One of the easiest way to increase the functionality and aesthetic value is to overhaul the bathroom. [continue ...]

Kitchen makeovers

If you've decided that you need to redesign or renovate your kitchen then you've got to make some research and find out what exactly you'll need. [continue ...]

Retaining wall

Retaining walls are vital for landscaping, providing stability to slopes and preventing erosion. They create level surfaces, retain soil, and enhance overall design, maximizing usable space and adding visual appeal to outdoor areas. Whether for residential or commercial projects. [read more ...]

Decking Services

Decking enhances outdoor spaces with aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. Whether for residential or commercial use, high-quality decking adds value and creates personalized outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment. [read more ...]

Building New Homes

You like the neighbourhood and you're looking for a way to renew the whole house? Do you want to knock-it-down and have it rebuilt? [read more ...]

House Fencing

Property walls and fences can frame your property beautifully. A fence with character can add value to your home. It also brings in more privacy and increases your security. [continue ...]

Home Building Services

Qualified BuildING Contractors

Are you looking  for home building contractors for your new home extensions, renovations or landscaping project?

Choosing the right building contractor is very important to the success of your home building project. It is very rewarding when it comes to improving the look and value of your own home. Call on ADIGA Building Services for all general building contract work.

We make things easy for you. We will listen to you and understand what it is your project encompasses and deduce all the different types of expertise required to build your project and produce the results.