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Retaining Wall Builders

ADIGA Building Services specialist in all home and garden building projects also provides retaining walls services to beautify the exterior of your home or property so that it can be utilised to the fullest. Retaining wall development is a more complex component of landscaping which has many different uses as well as engineered to behave and even look different.

Retaining walls are often used in many places in landscaping projects. For example, it is often used in uneven lands to sub-section parts to make it more useful and functional.

Landscaping and Retaining Walls

Retaining walls allow the landscaper to create a new look for a sloping or uneven property if constructed the proper way. In other cases a retaining wall is introduced to give the yard a new look.

If you have a sloping property and the ground hasn’t been worked on then call for a landscaper who can change the look and feel of your property. We’ll design the area and build retaining walls to sectionalise the property and transform it into something that can now be fully utilised.

Do you need a retaining wall constructed the proper way with soil levelling and drainage together with the right material used for a professional finish?

More and more home and property owners are looking into having a retaining wall built as part of the landscaping design. There are two reasons why you would need a retaining wall constructed: to stand out from the your neighbours and other other to level the sloping property so that it can be used the way you want to use it.

Talk to us about retaining walls, you’ll definitely benefit if you have a sloping land and want to utilise it for activities, give some character and increase the aesthetics.

Retaining Walls Uses

Retaining walls have multi-use but the fundamental task of a retaining wall is to beautify the property in one form or another. On the surface, the retaining wall is just a wall but the simplicity stops there. It’s exterior look and feel is just that. It’s inner earth properties require more technical knowledge to construct one that will stay functional as it was intended for many years perhaps as long lasting as decades.

Retaining walls are developed to organise an uneven land to make it usable and efficient as possible.

Retaining walls have multi functions on the property.

  • Preventing Soil Erosion: Erosion cuased by slope or grade change 
  • Creating Level Surfaces: Provide a stable fundtion for structure like driveway, parking area, shade or decking area
  • Managing Water Flow: Using scora and Agflow / Agi Pipe to improve the drainage and direct the water toward the stormwater, or slope are away from house fundation. 
  • Enhancing the Property Apprearance: Retaining walls can be designed to both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Retaining walls can give the house and the property a unique look, to ensure the look, effectiveness and logevity, it is the best to  construct it the proper way by skilled landscape and retaining wall builders who have technical expertise and experience building them. 
Retaining Wall Landscaping

Expert Retaining Wall Builders

Retaining walls are unlike your ordinary garden works. Water engineering and soil pressure along with material knowledge is required before embarking on a building a retaining wall. ADIGA Building Services are equipped well to build your retainingg walls with engineering accuracy required to build most functional and long lasting retaining wall for your property.

Retaining walls require precise understanding for one to build one. Each retaining wall will be unique and designed to perform certain structural functions. A retaining wall has many properties to have it built correctly.

The construction of retaining wall requires one to have understanding and requirements of the fillers, mortar, cement, width and depth, structural strength of the wall itself, draining pipes and aesthetic look and feel from the outside. You need to be sure your retaining walls will hold up.

Call us have your retaining walls build professionally and to last for years.

Retaining Walls

RetainiNg Wall Price

Retaining walls requires not only knowledge but a proper plan to execute the perfect wall(s). It is labour intensive work and requires time. Thus the price of a retaining wall would be subject to the size of the wall, the location within the property, accessibility, material used and of course time and labour.

Talk to us about your retaining wall needs. We can give you an expert price quote based on the information you provide. Of course, we can offer a more accurate price quote after inspecting the property.

Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be built with many different materials:

Timber Sleepers Retainin walls:
  • Treated Pine Sleepers (CCA Treated) Retaining Wall
  • Treated Pine Sleepers (ACQ Treated) Retaining Wall
  • Treated Pine Sleepers ACQ – Red/Brown Retaining wall
  • Redgum Timber Sleepers Retaining Walls
  • Hardwood Timber Sleepers Retaining Wall
Concrete Retaining Walls:
  • Concrete Sleepers Retaining Wall
  • Rediwall Retaining Wall
  • Dencial Retaining Wall
  • Engineered Panel Retaining Wall
Stone Retaininw walls:
  • Stone Retaining Wall
Brick/Block Retaining walls:
  • Bricks Retaining Wall
  • Blocks Retaining Wall

Whatever the reason for your needs of a retaining wall are, ADIGA Retaining Wall Builders are well equipped to deal with any size retaining wall on your property.

Retaining Walls Contractors

Choosing the right landscaping contractor to build your retaining walls is important to the success of your home retaining wall project. It’s rewarding when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home surroundings, giving it a fresh and an inviting clean impressions all year long.

Professional retaining wall builder do proper engineered walls that will withstand and last for long time.