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House renovating and Extensions Services

House Entension Services

House Extension Design & Development

Home extensions are our passion. We thrive in designing and building dream extensions for our customers. Get in touch with us for all home extension services. We are fully qualified, professional and friendly home design and building contractors.


  • Double Storey, 2nd floor extension.
  • Ground Floor Extensions.
  • Open plan Kitchen.
  • Family Room Extension.
  • Sun Room Extensions
  • New Study/Office Extension.

Need to Extend, Remodel, Refurbish OR renovate Your Home?

Today a growing family commands more space than ever. The second bathroom, a room for each of your teenage children, leisure rooms, study rooms, indoor entertainment areas, extended kitchens and more parking space for those who’ve got their new driver’s licence. You need space to put everyone in their own place.


Builders and Renovators

  • Extension & Renovations Ideas.
  • Built to compliment your existing home.
  • Floor plans to visually comprehend the living space.

ExtenDing & Renovating

Whatever your home expansion needs are we can help enlarge your living area either extending it or renovating it for a better one. Extending a home is always a better option for a settled family.

Running out of space due to growing family?

We can help you with your extension projects.

 – Second storey additions?
 – Building a new room or extending your home is a great way to increase your living space.
 – Adding new living space to your home willincrease the value of your house in the housing market.

We’ll make the renovation journey an enjoyable process for you and your family. Once the work is completed, you’ll be enjoying and using the new space with family and friends.

Home Extension Experts Melbourne

Qualified Builder Contractor

Choosing the right building contractor is very important to the success of your home building project. It is very rewarding when it comes to improving the look and value of your own home.


Architectural Considerations

After considering a budget and an idea to extend your home the next thing to focus on is the size and scale of the project, and more importantly the architectural and aesthetics of the new additional space. The new addition should match and meld with the existing house structure – neither too big or too small but just the right size as it will be part of the existing home design.

There are other important items that need to take into consideration such as the sidings, doors, windows, roof lines, floor elevations, wall posts etc. Everything should be seamlessly and aesthetically connected with the existing home exterior so that it does not pose any irregular look.

Close-up image of architects working on building blueprint

Building Permits & Approval requirements

During our first initial consultation with you we will be able to determine if your property requires any building permits and/or planning approvals. Your home extensions will require a building permit and it cannot be commenced until you receive an approval from your local council.

All building extensions need to comply with building  regulations.

Home Extension Contractors

Choosing the right building contractor is important to the success of your home extension project.  Contact ADIGA Building Services about your home extension requirements.