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House renovating and Extensions Services

Outdoor Landscaping Services

Are you a busy homeowners who cares about the external appearance of your home? Contact a landscaping contractor for design ideas and to handle outdoor projects. ADIGA Building Services handles outdoor landscape and indoor house projects equally well.  We are a landscape contractors trained to meet all landscaping needs for service purposes or cosmetically beautifying and making it more useful.

ADIGA Building Services aims to produce visually appealing and beautiful landscapes for your property to enjoy and utilise the outdoor living environment for years to come. We believe that landscape design & construction requires professional expertise consisting of designer and builder to construct and install the intended landscape designs.

We specialise in creating beautiful, unique and eco-friendly landscape designs in Melbourne and suburbs, to make your property special and more enjoyable all year-round.

ADIGA Landscaping Services can help you choose well adapted, suitable plants and trees for your unique landscape design, as well as design and construct hard-scape features.

Landscaping Projects

We offer all landscaping projects that cover this brief list.
  • Everything from driveways,
  • Patios and decks,
  • Grading the yard,
  • Alfresco designs,
  • Footpaths,
  • Complete landscape design,
  • Decking
  • Walk-through gardens,
  • Retaining wall,
  • Placement and selection of trees, shrubs, and other flora.

Hire a landscaping and retaining wall, and decking builder contractor with experience designing easy-care garden landscapes, greatly reducing maintenance efforts. We design mower-friendly lawns that are easy to maintain and look after.

We can accommodate and build barriers and retaining walls for property that is on a sloping land. A landscaper with uneven land can make the difference in enjoying your property for years to come.

Expert landscapers can make small yards look larger using designs and employing perspective techniques. These gardens will give you the impression that the yard is more larger than what it is. Good for small yards or areas that need redesigning and landscaping. Making the yard look longer and more spacious, while adding visual interest and enhanced beauty.

Retaining Wall Services

Professional Landscape Developers

We are highly skilled, professional home developers with expertise in landscaping and would love to create and design a beautiful view on your property that will bring you happiness and functionally inviting environment to enjoy.

The best way to design a beautiful home is to develop a plan and make an architectural drawing. The same is true for landscape design projects. The landscape building process just becomes much more manageable and easier also to visualize your plan when it’s put on paper. Landscape drawings also serve as a reference check to make sure that everything about the landscape project and it’s components are included during the building and construction phase.

Hence creating the landscaping plan will help us to get the most out of your landscape project while considering issues like cost, function, aesthetic preferences, maintenance requirements, water efficiency, piping, any electrical wiring requirements and others to produce a successful landscape project that is tailored and planned to suit your taste, your landscape needs and your landscape budget. The plan will without a question serve as an inspiring guide throughout the landscaping project.

Choosing the right landscaping contractor is important to the success of your home landscaping project. It’s rewarding when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home surroundings giving it a fresh, inviting and clean impressions all year long.

Professional home landscapers can do wonders in upgrading your yards and gardens.