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Thinking of building your own custom home?
Let ADIGA Homes help you do that.

There comes a time when we want to build our own custom built dream home, but are unsure of how to begin. The task of building a custom home build can be big and overwhelming to the average person. Regardless, here at ADIGA Homes we can help you build your custom home the way you have always wanted. We are licensed single storey home builders who can help build you your new custom home from scratch. Getting Started With Your Custom Home Build is easy with us. Just contact us if you have:
  • New land and wish to have a custom built home on it,
  • Old house to be knocked down and custom-built over.
Knock Down Rebuld Design

Custom Built Homes

ADIGA Homes offers the custom home build services for clients who are after building their dream homes. Contact us if you are you thinking of rebuilding your present property (knock down rebuild), or of building a new one on an empty lot of land. ADIGA Homes will help you design and build the best custom home, and at the most affordable price to match your budget, we know that our services will achieve the best results on the market.

ADIGA Homes will help with your fundamental home building needs. Our home builder will not only complete their task, but be able to also discuss what you need to make your dream home come true. We will be able to help you all the way through the long journey of building a new home, from clearing the land, to putting up the new house all ready for you to move in. 

The process is only a phone call away. Contact us today to help build your custom home.

Custom building Your new Home

Building your new custom home is an alternative in which old houses will be knocked down and new ones will be built, only this time you will have 100% control in regards to looks, design, fittings, floor-plan, landscaping and much more. You win all the way with a new single storey custom home, or double storey custom home in which you and the family will have a say in the way it looks, feels and functions. A home built just the way you know you will love, ADIGA Homes will bring your dream home alive.

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Custom Home builds

The process of a building a new home can be a lengthy one, but here at ADIGA Homes, we believe that the process is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that, if properly done, will bring happiness into the home brought to life. A custom home will not only give you the satisfaction of a positive living space, but also stand out as a unique and eye-catching home amongst others.

Speak to us about having your own custom home built.

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What’s involved in the process for custom home builds?

The task of building a custom home is huge, and requires a team of builders and trades people to work in unison in order to bring out the best results. There are many people of different building expertise involved in preparing and building a new single storey home, not to mention the council forms, such as permits to be attained, paperwork completed and additional research to be done prior to the knocking down of your old home and, most important of all, the start of the construction of your new home.

Discuss your new project with our experienced project consultant and make an appointment to further discuss and fine tune your building requirements. During the meeting we will work on a sketch plan for your home and discuss your needs for your  Custom Built Home.

We will work on a custom design from scratch or work on your already made design. The designer will produce the architectural plans, most of the time a land surveyor will need to establish the boundary of your land, then soil test and Engineer plans will follow.
Sign a preliminary agreement to engage us as your preferred builder of choice. We will prepare all the preliminary project documentation and estimated cost to build quotation.
At this stage we will prepare the final Building Specifications and Building Contract for signing. Once the contract is signed we will obtain the Building Permit approval in preparation for construction to commencement on site.
Planning permit might be needed and this will depend on the local city council zones at your area. We will assign a building surveyor. The surveyor will carry out the process of issuing the building permit using all the plans that has been done and may require some other documents that will be needed to issue the building permit.

If there is a house and needs to be knocked down then a permit must be issued to do so. The demolition contractor will take care of obtaining the permit from the city council under our supervision.


Site Preparation Stage

  • Cleaning the site 300mm will be removed to prepare the site.
  • Install Temporary fence.
  • Bring temporary toilet.
  • Temporary Power application.

Slab Stage

  • Site cut.
  • Form work.
  • Pour Concrete.

Frame Stage

  • Wall frame.
  • Possi installation (Double storey home only).
  • Truss installation.
  • Window / Entry door installation.

Lock up Stage

  • Fascia and gutter.
  • Roof tile or colorbond.
  • External door installation.
  • Electric, plumbing and heating cooling rough in.
  • Kitchen and Cabinet measurements.

Fixing Stage

  • Eaves installation.
  • Prepare for plasterboard (noggins and straighten the wall frame).
  • Plasterboard installation, cornice or square finish ceiling.
  • Installation of doors / sliding doors.
  • Architraves.
  • Installation of skirting.

Complete Stage

  • Painting (wall, ceiling and timber works).
  • Waterproofing.
  • Tiling.
  • Kitchen second measurements.
  • Install kitchen and cabinets.
  • Shower screening.
  • Carpet and/or timber flooring.
  • Garage door.

Which includes:

  • Drive way
  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Decking
  • Retaining wall
  • Timber or colorbond fence, Brick fence with steel infill.
  • Electric gates
Home Knock Down rebuild

Knock down rebuild

When the property we live in is breaking down and getting old it is time to decide to sell it or knock down and rebuild it. The home knock down and rebuild option is experiencing a vast growth in popularity though out Melbourne. It is perhaps one of the best options to renew a home without leaving your settled and loved neighborhood. Sometimes redoing can save thousands and thousands that can be used for something else. Rebuilding is an alternative where old houses can be knocked down and rebuild from ground up. Everything is total new and this time you have the choice of the design, shape, color and landscaping of your new home. Total control is yours to do how you want it.

Frequently Asked questions

During our first initial consultation with you we will be able to determine all the building permits and/or planning approvals requirements.
After speaking with us we will be able to lot a path toward knocking down the old property and starting to build the new one. There are many factors involved in knocking down an old home and clearing the land. We need to adhere to things such as temporary fencing during demolition for safety requirements and any asbestos clearance certificate requirements if needed. A thorough examination and planning goes into this process and our buider will be able to provide the blueprint toward a new home built.
Every home is different, the size, the location and material used will have a factor in determining the cost of building the new custom home. Contact us and we are happy to take you through the details.

Custom Home BUILDING Contractors

Choosing the right building contractor is important to the success of your home building project.  Contact ADIGA Home Building Services about building your new home.

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