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House Extensions and Renovations Services


building New HomeS

Are you thinking of rebuilding your home or building a new one on an empty plot of land? Regardless, you want to build the best and the most affordable new home for your investment.

ADIGA Building Services can help with your home building needs. We’re are a growing building and construction company helping home owners with their home building projects. Whether you need to build a new house on an empty lot or rebuild one then you should get in touch with us. Our builder will be able to discuss with you what is the right path to make your dream home come true.

We will be able to help you throughout the long journey of building the new home from clearing the land to putting up the new house on the lot. 

Home Construction

Need to Rebuild, Extend, Remodel OR renovate Your Existing Home?

When the property we live in is breaking down and getting old it is time to decide to sell it or redo it. Sometimes redoing can save thousands. Unless you are moving to a brand new home then moving to a used home does not give you much of an extension in quality. Rebuilding is an alternative where old houses can be knocked down and rebuilt from ground up. Everything is totally new and this time you have the choice of the design, shape and colour of your new home. You win and your family will enjoy for many more years in the same neighbourhood that you have grown to love.

Home Builders and Renovators


  • New Homes.
  • Extension & Renovations Ideas.
  • Built to compliment your existing home.
  • Floor plans to visually comprehend the living space.

ExtenDing & Renovating

Whatever your home expansion needs are we can help enlarge your living area either extending it or renovating it for a better one. Extending a home is always a better option for a settled family.
House Entension Services

Relocate or Renovate?

Looking for more room on your block? If you just need to add extra space to your existing home and a more affordable way to increase the space then renovating or adding a new level is the next best alternative.

Many factors come into play when you’re at a point and need to make a decision whether to move to a new home or stay and renovate your existing one.

ADIGA Building Services can help you when it comes to renovating or remodelling your existing home. We are expert builders and produce high quality workmanship.

Remodelling an existing home will take time but the wait is worth it because you will end up with a bigger place and you don’t even have to move.


Adding a 2nd level to your home can dramatically increase the living space without taking any foot print on your block.

Going up is usually the best long term solution for a growing family.  Did you know children love second storey houses.

When home owners look for a bigger place it is generally the route taken to increase the size of the house instead of trying to find a new place to move.

Selling and moving can cost lot more than a home extension. Moving to another property tends to force one into starting all over. If you’ve grown accustomed to the current home it would be sad to move the whole family to a new foreign location.


Advantages of 2nd level extension

  1. More Room for the family.
  2. More affordable and cheaper than moving out to a new home.
  3. You can keep your neighbours if you’ve grown to feel comfortable with them around you.
  4. You’re are already at home and feel secure knowing the ins and outs of home and neighbourhood.
  5. Schools and shops are 2nd knowledge and very familiar with.
  6. Friends and extended family already familiar with your home and your suburb.

professional Building management

Most remodelling projects require professional management and care.

Some of the areas we touch in small to large building services can include these:

  • The Extension Idea,
  • Architectural Design,
  • Floor Plan,
  • Design Consultation,
  • Planning Permits,
  • Inspections,
  • Managing Trades People,
  • Time frames,
  • Weather situations and so forth.
Close-up image of architects working on building blueprint

Building Permits & Approval requirements

During our first initial consultation with you we will be able to determine if your property requires any building permits and/or planning approvals. Your home extensions will require a building permit and it cannot be commenced until you receive an approval from your local council. All building extensions need to comply with building  regulations.

Frequently Asked questions

So many variables affect the time for completion of a home project. ADIGA Building Services can provide a good estimate based on your needs and existing building structure after a brief consultation.

In most situations we work whilst the home occupants stay in the house but away
from the building areas during the works.

We can generally start after a thorough discussion with you, initial design, design review, contract agreement, finalising counsel & building permits and final paper work.

This process can take upto 3 months to get over. Once we have finalised these we are good to go ahead.

Site preparation and building depends on the size of the project. It may take a few weeks or few months. We can give you a good estimate after the previous phase is complete.

Home Extension Contractors

Choosing the right building contractor is important to the success of your home building and extension project.  Contact ADIGA Building Services about your home extension requirements.